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We provide alcohol testing devices of the swab or breathalyzer type. Both give results in two minutes. The breathalyzer comes in either .02%, .04% or .08% styles and has an unlimited shelf life. The swab type reads .02%, .04%, .08% or .3% for each test swab and has a 12 – 18 month shelf life. The darker the color of the swab, the higher the alcohol level. Alcohol test results in two minutes with either type of unit.

BreathScan Instant Test

The Breath alcohol tester, a disposable breath-alcohol indicator designed for one time use, provides an accurate measure of the alcohol present in the exhaled breath of the test subject. By measuring the alcohol content in the breath, a reliable indication of the blood alcohol level is achieved. This test employs a new, patented technology for simple, on-the-spot screening for the presence of blood alcohol. It can be used once and then disposed of; minimizing contamination associated with repeated use of non-disposable units (no AIDS cross transmission). Its low cost and ease of use make this tester ideal for screening to determine whether an individual should submit to a forensic-quality blood test for confirmation.

The BreathScan alcohol detector has been shown to be superior to any other disposable alcohol tester available today. Strict quality control ensures that each tester is properly calibrated, giving the user assurance of consistent tester results. No other tester is easier to use.

Features & Benefits

No special storage requirements to maintain stability
DOT cleared (0.02%)
Read time 2 minutes
Unlimited Shelf life
Easy, one-step procedure
Storage Room temperature

AlcoScreen Instant Test Device

Our Alcohol Swab Kit:
Our alcohol test swab has a 12 – 18 month shelf life and will detect the following levels of alcohol in your child's system:


This test is fast convenient, sensitive and will not give a false positive. You make sure your child sits with you for fifteen minutes and does not place anything in his/her mouth. You swab inside their mouth and after two minutes, the color of the swab is matched with the color chart on the back of the package.

This test is rapid, highly sensitive, and non-invasive method utilized to determine the level (if any) of alcohol ingestion.

Chart date taken from 4/2005 DASIS report
(Drug and Alcohol Services Information System)

Of the 683,000 primary alcohol admissions aged 21 or older admitted to treatment in 2002, 88 percent reported their age of first use of alcohol younger than 21 years old. One fourth reported their age of first use of alcohol as between 12 and 14 years old, 12 percent reported their age of first use as younger than age 12, and another 12 percent reported their age of first use as 21 or older.