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Testing is easy. It's a simple two step process that isn't rocket science. You should have been talking to your children all along—not a one time lecture—about the dangers of substance use and abuse. Most kids think there's nothing wrong with smoking grass; they fail to realize it's a gateway drug and it, in its own right, is dangerous. So your children should hear you discuss such things with them. You don't have to wait for an opportune moment, such as when the child brings it up, or something else refers to it. Just talk to your kids whenever you can without preaching. Believe or not, kids do listen to what their parents say even though it seems as though they've tuned us out. Kids watch what we do and learn from that.

When you go to test, try to do it when your child is not on legal medication for some reason, such as cough medicine for a cold, or a pain reliever for a sprained ankle in basketball or a fall in gym.

Accompany your child to the bathroom: The father or a male adult should be with the son, and the mother or female adult with the daughter. Allow children their dignity while they void in the cup. You are there to make sure they don't attempt to adulterate their urine sample by adding water or some online adulterant they can purchase.

Put the lid on the integrated cup after the child urinates, and place the plastic key in the hole in the cup (some cups may not require "keys." Just check the cup and the directions). When you insert the key into the hole, the reagents in the cup chemically react with the urine to detect drugs. Immediately check the temperature strip on the front of the cup to make sure it's within normal and expected temperature range. After five (5) minutes, peel off the label on the back to determine what drugs might show positive.

Let your child see the results.

If any drugs are positive, don't panic yet. Have a "sit-down" with your child, and say to him, "Bobby, this test shows you're positive for marijuana. Have you been smoking grass?" He'll likely deny it but persist in a diplomatic and gentle but stern matter. If he still says no, test him again with another of our integrated cups, or go to a lab with a lab order and have the test done. If he/she refused to be tested, you already have a problem. If there is no guilt, there is no reason to resist testing, if only to show you they are not using. We have seen situations where the parent(s) think their child is using marijuana and find out, after testing, that they are addicted to heroin. If they complain about you infringing on their privacy, let them know that you are only concerned that they grow up in a safe environment and don't participate in anything that could hurt them. Drug use hurts them for LIFE.....

If it's positive again, you have a problem and you need to take care of it right away. Every community has local agencies that will help you, and you can go to and find reputable rehab centers in your locale. If the problem is serious and urgent, your doctor may have other ideas for getting your child the right care. You can also contact us and we will let you know the appropriate lab for retesting. You can also photocopy the label on the cup with the results, and then throw the cup away.

We can provide over 70 different instant urine drug test kits. These include dip and read cards, pipette tests and integrated test cups. These kits can test from one to ten drugs with one sample. This is an example of one kit that will test for ten drugs at once:

Ten Panel US FDA 510 (K) Cleared Urine Drug Test

Tests for Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Opiates, Phencyclidine, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone and MDMA (Ecstasy). The temperature Integrated Drug test kit is a rapid, one step screening test for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of multiple drug metabolites at specific cutoff levels in human urine. The kit includes Sample cup (with temperature indicator); key to activate test (packed separate from test unit); Full instructions for using the kit; Complete description of drugs and test validity. We offer parents a way to test their children without them knowing, if they refuse to be tested.

  • US FDA 510(K) approved
  • Adheres to the SAMHSA Cutoff levels (same as DOT levels)
  • Up to 99% Accurate
  • Integrated temperature strip to insure proper donor sample
  • Control marker for test validity
  • Leak proof container
  • Results in five (5) minutes (Results can be Xeroxed)
  • 12-18 month Shelf-life
  • Insert the key and push.
  • New Easy to open top for the confirmation lab testing, if required (additional cost)