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Drug Test Consultants (DTC) utilizes this high tech device to test for 5 different classes of drug residues on surfaces: Marijuana, Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines. This includes lockers, steering wheels, door handles, computer mice, keyboards, desks, etc.

Description: The instrument looks like a small, flat, short wand. Using the DrugWipe device, a DTC tech can come into your place, and by swiping the apparatus on hard surfaces, it will show the presence of these drug classes:

Methamphetamines Opiates
Marijuana (cannabis) Cocaine
Amphetamines Ecstasy

What Drug Wipe Does

DrugWipe is a unique instrument because this non-invasive/non-intrusive device allows for testing of PROPERTY and not PEOPLE.

It offers many benefits, such as Protecting your workplace, school or home from drug use or trafficking. Through its highly-developed chemistry, it detects, identifies and quantifies drug related risks before you incur any losses. Additionally, law enforcement, real estate buyers, FBI, DEA, and 2,500 government agencies, among others, rely on our device to learn if drugs are present in facilities.

Testing surfaces in businesses, schools, homes, prison mail rooms, and other building or a person's possession, tells you if you have a drug problem. The DrugWipe instrument is so sensitive that it can detect illegal drugs on a surface right down to the nanogram range of invisible particles. The best part is that it gives instant results, so you don't have to wait for lab results. DTC will supply you with a detailed report on the test results. DrugWipe testing is legally defensible as well.

In many states, proactive action to prevent drug use and trafficking can lead to lower insurance rates, increased and improved worker productivity, less worker compensation claims, and provides for a safer work environment. Most valuable is that it protects employees, patrons, and your business, while boosting worker morale. Employees feel better about their jobs when they know they are working in a safer and more productive environment. Keep in mind that our drug testing can prevent liability and lawsuits that can bankrupt your business.

DrugWipe 5

DrugWipe 5 is a unique instrument that allows the trained and certified tech to go to your site and swipe the device on various surfaces. The device registers instantly if any of the 5 drugs have or are being used or trafficked in your place. It is based on chemical actions and the mother corporation that offers this unique testing appliance is the only one in North America that can do so. In turn, it selects and trains and certifies companies, such as DTC, that want to offer the same service.

How It Works:

The raw narcotic a person is on or is trafficking is sweated out during impairment. This contamination is picked up by molecules in the swiping instrument. Information gathered by the tests provides location and the type of drugs being used. Based on these results, an effective evaluation can be done. If the site tests positive, then the school administration or employer can determine what type of prevention, education, and intervention programs should be implemented. But if the results are negative, just have the DTC tech return later to check that the place is still "clean."

Why It's Beneficial:

There are many reasons why you should have your site swiped by an DTC tech who is trained to do this. Here are just a few:

Most of all, having your site wiped will automatically save you the cost of implementing an entire drug-free program. If the results are negative, all you would have to do is have the tech return to your place about six months later and test again. This is much, much cheaper than implementing a full drug testing program (policy, education sessions, training supervisors, testing employees). But if your place tests positive for any of the five drugs, you'll want to talk to DTC about implementing a full drug-free program.

Very cost-effective; high-tech, state-of-the-art

Legally defensible; all results are documented, and you will receive a full report (including charts) to support test results.

Non-invasive; private; confidential; tamper-proof; sanitary; sensitive to the nanogram level; and a 3-month window of detection.

It's discreet. Your site can be wiped down when no one is present. This can be done in businesses and schools, and the people occupying that space will never know that you tested the area.

You're not testing people; you're testing property, and if you own the property, you're not violating anyone's rights or privacy.

Instant results; proactive; saves businesses money, time, and manpower; protects patrons, workers, employers, and the owners

Tests for: Cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, opiates, methamphetamines, ecstasy

We are the only company in a wide region offering this; our techs are trained & certified.

Proactive risk detection using DrugWipe can possibly lead to reduced insurance costs. It will produce lower worker compensation claims, higher productivity, a safer work environment and higher morale. Check with your insurance carriers and state labor department to see if your business is eligible for reduced insurance rates.

DrugWipe5 Applications

Most employers believe that none of their staff would do drugs or alcohol at work, especially if it is a small or family-owned business. This is a common situation found even among the closest workers. In fact, alcoholics, and drug users and traffickers look for small businesses to hire them because they know nearly all large ones test their employees while smaller ones don't because of the cost as well as the "We are a family" mentality. Drugs and alcohol in the workplace have become almost much so that most businesses are wising up and testing their employees to keep the business site, its personnel, and its patrons safe. Employers understand that they can lose thousands of dollars annually (about $12,000 per employee) due to staff drug and drinking problems. Productivity and quality of work takes a severe nosedive, and patrons are endangered. Fifty-three percent of employees state that drug use and drug dealing are major contributors to workplace violence. Alcohol is also a major danger because alcoholics drink to maintain themselves and may not even appear drunk. It's also problematic since weekend partying often carries over to Monday and throughout the week.

Consider this:

44% of users support their habits by stealing from or selling drugs to fellow employees.

Absenteeism is 2 to 3 times higher for drug and alcohol users than for other employees.

Employees with chemical dependence problems may claim 3 times as many sickness benefits and file five times as many workers' compensation claims.

On-the-job alcohol or drugs account for 15 to 30% of all accidents at work.

41% of the workers surveyed stated that the drug abuse of fellow employees seriously affected their own job productivity.

Over 35 million Americans are addicted to prescription and nonprescription medication, and bring this problem to the workplace.

18 million are alcoholics; nearly 20 million use hashish or marijuana regularly.

Over 5 million use cocaine or crack regularly; every day, 5000 people use cocaine or crack for the first time.

74% of all illegal alcohol or drug users are employed either full or part time.

1 in 5 employees abuse alcohol or drugs on the job.